Business Card Holder From Old Yellow Pages

cardholder yellow pages photo

Don't have much use for Yellow Pages anymore; I scan and pitch business cards so don't have much use for them either. Nonetheless, London-based designer Afroditi Krassa has designed a simple tube to contain about 394 yellow pages in this clever idea. Somewhere on her un-navigable website Core77 found:

"This card holder design re-uses last year's YellowPages directory as its main material. The directory needs to be trimmed to the right diameter (approx. 394pages), rolled up and inserted into a metal tube. The size and exact use of the object is up to the maker, from photos to notes, business cards to envelopes. The product can be stored either vertically or horizontally."

cardholder collection photo

Alan at Core77 suggests that "Of course, you could use a toilet paper tube instead of the steel, but then you'd be rocking a whole different feel."

More information somewhere at via ::Core77
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