Bunker Turned Into Studios by Index Architects

bunker conversion to studio photo

Often our readers complain that some of the architecture I like looks like a bunker; (see church here) sometimes they are right, such as in this case in Frankfurt. It is, in fact, a World War II bunker in Frankfurt that had been previously disguised as a house because it was too expensive to demolish. In a crappy part of town, "a no man’s land between heaps of gravel and dumps, piled-up recycling-products and containers that await their shipping", the architects decided to rise above it all and build artists' studios and the Institute of New Media on top, a box sitting on a table. The heavy concrete bunker was turned into musician's studios.

index architects exterior day photo

From the architects: "A circumferential opening up seizes the lightweight wooden box while turning the communal zone inside out in a dialogue with the city. At the same time, the opening up serves as an escape route to the outside. Not only do wall slices across the facade regulate the incidence of sunlight, they also enliven the structure of the facade." ::Index Archtekten via ::MyNinjaplease

index architects third floor image

index architects fourth floor image

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