Bulbs Unlimited: Finally, A Worthwhile Use for Incandescent Lightbulbs


Coining the term "creacycling" (that's creative recycling) to describe their products, Bulbs Unlimited has devised a fun, ironic, kinda funky, kinda kitschy way to get some more use out of your burned out incandescent bulbs. Their system employs a custom-built positioning device, called "the Inkubator," to help build pendant and table lamps, using burned-out bulbs as light diffusers and reflectors. In a process that is similar to building Lego's, little snaps are adhered to the bulbs, which are then linked together to form stars, squares, spheres and a handful of other shapes; this modular approach makes it easy to both change the configuration and replace bulbs (though not if they burn out), and building the lamps purportedly takes just six steps.

The system is available in three sizes, depending on how many bulbs you have and how many lamps you want, and, though they offer plans for four models, they encourage you to creacycle your own and submit your design to their site. The possibilities are just limited to the number of old incandescents you have lying around; judging by the growing number of locales that are banning the bulb, there will soon be a lot of old bulbs with nothing better to do; just be sure to drop a compact fluorescent bulb in the middle to light 'em up. Bulbs Unlimited is based in Germany, but it looks like they're working on bringing an English version of their store online soon. Check out more lamp examples after the jump. ::Bulbs Unlimited via ::Designspotter




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