Built on Stilts: House in Never Never Land

never never land house model photo

There are a lot of good reasons to build on stilts without a basement; it disturbs the ground less, reduces flood risk, can be a lot cooler, or can preserve tree roots. The latter appears to be the main reason that Andrés Jaque Architectos did it for this house in Ibiza (which they call Never Never Land)- the trees grow right through it.

never never land house model closeup photo

The model looks more like Barbie's Dream House than anything else,

never never land house planting photo

but the roof will be covered in planting,

never never land house frame photo

In the construction photos you can see the trees growing right through the frame,

never never land house tree protection photo

And in this photo, there appears to be a retaining wall protecting the base of a tree. More photos at DesignBoom and at the architects' website :Andrés Jaque Architectos
Houses on Stilts:

andre lessard cottage photo

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loblolly house photo

The Loblolly House is on stilts because it is built in a flood plain.
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florida building on stilts photo

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asian building on stilts photo

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