Buildup To Greenbuild: Levitt Goodman Architects From The Archives


30,000 green building professionals are coming to Toronto for Greenbuild in October; this series will try to explain Toronto to them.

When I did my post Buildup To Greenbuild: Green Buildings From TreeHugger Archives I somehow completely forgot the work of Dean Goodman and Janna Levitt, who always produce what one of my architecture professors preached: "Economy of means, generosity of ends." They " like to use energy and cost-efficient materials in inventive ways for results that are both design oriented and sustainable." Their own house, shown above, is a great example. More on the Levitt Goodman House.

lansdowne transitional

It doesn't look like much in this picture (although I am not much of a photographer) but this mix of old brick, old reclaimed douglas fir wood and new siding is another innovative and important social housing building by Levitt Goodman Architects. It is not in the prettiest part of Toronto either, and fits right in, as it is supposed to. Transitional Housing by Levitt Goodman

An extraordinary prefab structure is being erected in downtown Toronto this week. The St Clare Multifaith Housing Society, which converted a medical building into housing for the poor and the formerly homeless, is adding two floors and doing it modern prefab, designed by Toronto's very talented Levitt Goodman Architects. Going prefab was supposed to minimize disruption and speed construction, as the building below is occupied. We will update with plans shortly, but in the meantime the show starts on the sidewalk at 25 Leonard Avenue. Non-profit Prefab being built in Toronto
shipping container

The Evergreen Brick Works project is a massive redevelopment of a former industrial site into " Canada's first large-scale community environmental centre representing a striking new model for the future--a heritage destination where nature meets innovation in the heart of an urban centre."

It is not quite finished, so they turned to Levitt Goodman Architects, masters of repurposing and reuse, to design a temporary Welcome Hut out of an old shipping container.Shipping Container Repurposed Into Welcome Hut


It is clear, looking at their website, that I have not kept up with the body of work from this remarkable firm. Have a look at Levitt Goodman Architects.
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