Buildup To Greenbuild: Green Buildings From TreeHugger Archives

greenbuild green building teeple photo

30,000 green building professionals are coming to Toronto for Greenbuild in October; this series will try to explain Toronto to them.

There has been a lot of green building going on in Toronto and much has shown up on TreeHugger; Here is a roundup of some of the buildings we have shown. Perhaps the most dramatic and important recent addition to the Toronto scene is Stephen Teeple's 60 Richmond Street East Coop, that is green, gorgeous and from the public sector yet, proving that social housing doesn't have to be boring and oppressive. More in TreeHugger here


One of the most important young firms in Toronto is Superkül, who designed a renovation of a roofer's shop in a backlane that pushed the envelope in so many ways. We covered it in Superkül Laneway House Renovation is Supercool and Planet Green's World's Greenest Homes did a video you can watch at Laneway House By Superkül on World's Greenest Homes

umbra store

Umbra is now a worldwide purveyor of good design, but it started in Toronto and has a flagship store designed by Kohn and Shnier, who remain among my favourite architects. (they designed this amazing prefab in Muskoka for me when I was still in that biz) The skin of the Umbra store integrated LEDs in the facade. Nice stuff inside too. More in TreeHugger: Umbra Store Lit by Compact Fluorescents

baird sampson school

George Baird of Baird Sampson Neuert architects was one of my professors in architecture school, and moves between the academic and professional worlds with ease. It is a bit out in the sticks for Greenbuild visitors, but Thomas Wells School is a gem. More at "Don't Give Us Green Design Icing, Give Us the Cake"

botanical gardens

Pamela Young in Azure says "Montgomery Sisam has reshaped the complex and grafted new construction onto it in ways that eloquently embody the institution's empahsis on education, inclusiveness and sustainablility." More at Toronto Botanical Garden by Montgomery Sisam
young centre

Tom Payne of Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg renovated whiskey storage warehouses into the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, home of Soulpepper Theatre company. It is subtle and economical, wonderful space in an amazing part of town, the Distillery district. More at Recycle and Reuse: The Young Centre for the Performing Arts

firefighters school

Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects designed this LEED silver Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute on the airport grounds; look for it on the left as you are landing, there are all kinds of burned out planes and buildings beside it. More at Green Steel Award Goes to Airport Building by KMA

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