Buildup To Greenbuild: A Conversation with superkül Meg Graham

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photo by Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc.

30,000 green building professionals are coming to Toronto for Greenbuild in October; this series will try to explain Toronto to them. Today: another conversation with an interesting Toronto architect.

TreeHugger founder Graham Hill first introduced me to his schoolmate Andre D'Elia and Meg Graham of superkül when he was visiting Toronto; we all went curling together. Since then, I have been following their work closely, as one of the hottest young firms in the city. It was not too many years before that a name like superkül would not have been allowed in the very conservative Ontario architectural profession, but as I got to know them I learned that they, and their work, do indeed live up to the name.

I met Meg in their lovely live/work space in what one can generously call a transitional part of town. (I covered their offices earlier here: Taking Back the City: Superkül Live/Work


They describe themselves:

superkül inc | architect is the Toronto-based practice of principals Andre D'Elia and Meg Graham. Founded in Toronto in 2002 on a broad range of professional experience in both Canada and abroad, superkül is recognized as one of Canada's leading small design practices. Our commitment to design excellence, pragmatism, and sustainability have resulted in numerous awards and the publication of our work locally, nationally and internationally.

lane house

Their most well-known work is their remarkable conversion of an old smithy into a two bedroom home in a back lane. Not only was this difficult architecturally, but almost impossible in terms of the zoning bylaws, which they manipulated with aplomb. More at Superkül Laneway House Renovation is Supercool

Explore more World's Greenest Homes at

The laneway house was also covered in Planet Green's The World's Greenest Homes.

fielding winery

More recently I covered superkül Niagara Winery Uses Passive Tech, Simple Forms.

In our conversation, Meg discusses the laneway house, a new house in Mulmer (north of Toronto) for an environmentally sensitive client, and her favourite places in Toronto.

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