Building with Mud in Rainy Wales is Hard, But Possible (Video)

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Image credit: PermacultureMedia

The crunchier end of hippy eco-living might not be to everyone's tastes, but from low impact living in a communal woodland to Appalachian gothic architecture using recycled pallet-wood, those willing to live a simpler life can greatly reduce their carbon footprint, and free up their time to do what really matters to them. Here's another video along similar lines—exploring the building of two reciprocal-frame cob roundhouses in Pembrokeshire. Only this time, rain seems to get in the way. This is another in the Living in the Future web series from Permaculture Media, and I am not sure it is the best advertisement for low impact living for the uninitiated. Dealing with torrential rain, and a lack of volunteers, seems to have these cob builders in a bit of a bind.

Nevertheless, one of the biggest concerns I hear about cob building is that the houses will simply wash away in rainy climates. As someone who lived just over the Bristol Channel, I am not sure it gets much rainier than South Wales. And despite all the odds, these folks managed to build two beautiful roundhouses. They just got a little wet and miserable in the process.

I always new that we Brits like to moan about the weather. But I guess those building cob houses have more right than most to complain...

(This is, incidentally, in the same part of the world as the secret green community of roundhouses that was threatened with demolition a while back.)

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