Building Affordable Homes Out of Discarded Materials

Dan Phillips builds homes. But, as the Texas Country Reporter notes, there is something a little bit weird about Dan's work. The design is a bit unconventional, and so are the materials. In fact, Dan's houses are built almost completely out of discarded materials of all kinds, from picture frames to dishes. "Every town has a crushing need for affordable housing, all across the country!" says Dan. And when he says affordable, he's not talking about a $140,000 house - but a $20,000-$50,000 house. His "Homesteading Initiative" is helping the working poor in Huntsville, Texas achieve the American dream by helping them build their own home in a way that they can afford. According to his calculations, enough good, usable materials are thrown out in his town to build one small house every week.

The only criteria for prospective new homeowners - $500, no bad credit and a steady job. As for his building philosophy: "Use mostly recycled materials. Hire only unskilled labor. And keep it small."

For more on Dan Phillips' work, check out his blog, Brigid's Paradigm and his website here.

Via:: Materialicious

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