Building a Wood-Burning Rocket Mass Heater. From Wood. (Video)

wood-based wood-burning stove photo

Image credit: Paul Wheaton

From rocket stoves aiding relief in Haiti, to building your own cookstove, ultra-efficient rocket stove designs have been around for some time. But this one is a little different. When Paul Wheaton decided to build a wood-burning rocket stove, he chose a rather unconventional material to make it from... he built it out of wood.

Should we be nervous?

Admittedly, Paul—who brought us videos on how to build Hugelkultur raised beds, and how to use moldy hay as lawn fertilizer—is not crazy enough to build the whole stove out of wood. Instead, this is a wooden bench that is packed with large amounts of insulating clay around a small rocket-stove construction.

Still, it's an interesting and attractive spin on the traditional rocket mass heater. Sadly, the video is very much the opening of a conversation—I've yet to see any video follow ups on this project (this original was posted back in May of 2010), but I'd love to hear from any rocket stove advocates on whether this can work, and how.

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