Building a Backwoods Getaway, Open to Anyone Who Can Find It (Video)


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Whether built ten stories tall or to fit in a Brooklyn loft, tree houses are great getaways, where you can hide among branches and leaves, above the rest of the world. They're usually private places, but in the woods of Oregon, a new sort of tree house is being built. It's the work of the crew at Schwood Eyewear, and everyone is invited to enjoy it and even build onto it- if they can find it.Portland based Schwood isn't your run of the mill sustainably-minded company. It makes its handcrafted glasses frames with sustainably harvested wood, but its idea of connecting with nature goes beyond its products. Schwood has started a project called Experiment with Nature, a collection of videos, music, technology and art, designed to inspire people to explore the outdoors and think creatively. Brand manager Taylor Murray wrote in an e-mail:

The website is our platform to share our ideas, along with the creative endeavors of others, and provide readers with fun, thought-provoking content. Shwood itself is more than just an eyewear company. "Experiment With Nature" is everything we stand for. It's taking a different approach at something ordinary, and using the result to encourage others to experiment as well.

The Backcountry Nest is the Schwood team's effort to motivate others to get into the Oregon woods around Mt Hood and find the hideaway. (They have directions posted on their web site.) Those who do find it are invited not only to enjoy it, but to put their own mark on it, by building on an addition.

The video they made about the project gives more details and really highlights the beauty of the woods:

Experiment No. 2 - Backcountry Nest from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

Around the time Murray said that no one had found the nest so far, this comment appeared on the Experiment with Nature site:

FOUND 'EM!!! just because you guys don't get the sweet glasses doesn't mean you shouldn't go find it! Its super beautiful out there and we made a cool porch swing for you to enjoy =D

So if you were thinking of adding on a porch swing, find a new idea, and get out there before someone beats you to it.

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