Build a Greener Roof


Photo credit: bobbyprom

From the musty archives of Ask Metafilter (circa 2006), we dredged up one reader's request for eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional shingled roof on his dad's 1940s Cape Cod-style home. Responses range from installing pholtovoltaic cells to laying stone-coated metal roofing. Rubber slate tiles and recycled shingles were also tossed into the ring as suggestions.

At TreeHugger, of course, we love us some green roofs, often quite literally. (You can even buy plug-and-play plants if you want instant gratification for your DIY project.) Or even white roofs that can bounce off sunlight the way our disappearing polar ice caps do.

If you're worried about neighbors and zoning boards blanching at the sight of admittedly less-quaint-looking photovoltaic arrays, solar-powered shingles or integrated solar tiles line up like their slate and concrete relations. Any other green-roofing tips, suggestions, or stories? Weigh in below. Ask ::Metafilter
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