Build a Green Bakery. Slowly and Painfully.

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A few days ago Kyeann wrote about the City Bakery Coincidentally we wrote this post the same day, but as we discuss the medium rather than the message, we post it today.

David Roberts of Grist makes a point about over-use of flash with Those of us from the cut'npaste school of online journalism hate flash- we cannot easily quote sites or steal pictures promote images. We recently wanted to write about architects doing prefab (Atelier One) and just gave up after trying to navigate the site. Here is another example of a good green idea lost in the world of flash: An East Village Bakery called "birdbath"As a showcase for his organic baking, Mark Rubin of the City Bakery has built a bakery with a recycled denim-supported counter (how did that pass health inspection- you have to launder your furniture?) cork floors, wheatboard walls, and plyboo countertops. Milk paint gets its pigment from beets. Even the staff is clad in hemp and linen jackets. "I want to encourage people to make the link between organic ingredients in their food and organic, environmentally sound materials where they eat the food," says Rubin.

A recent study found that "Fifty milliseconds - The equivalent of one-20th of a second - is how much time a website has to make a good first impression on surfers". Imagine how many more people would get the message delivered by this site if they could survive waiting for it to unfold. ::Build A Green Bakery via ::Coolhunting