BugHouse Turns Old Records Into New Tables, Needles Into Chandeliers


Dan Gould at PSFK points us to the work of Bughouse Art+Design, where Jeff and Rebecca "love making things and finding different materials to expand the vocabulary of the way we all live and see."


"Hypolux Chandelier", plexiglass plates, commercial syringes, ballchain suspension

It is what Charls Jencks and Nathan Silver called Adhocism back in 1972:

The art of living and doing things ad hoc- using materials at hand, rather than waiting for the perfect moment or "proper" approach. As a principle of design, it begins with everyday improvisations, such as bottles for candle holders and tractor seats on wheels for dining chairs. The new strategy is latent within the do-it-yourself industry (think Make), hippie consumer tactics, and the re-use of old parts and the recycling of waste.

At Bughouse, they do it because it's fun, "quirky pop constructions that could both amuse and inform. More at Bughouse Art+Design via PSFK
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