Buenos Aires to Get Posh+Green New Hotel, First LEED Certified in the City

OWN - New LEED Certified Hotel in Buenos Aires Photo

Day and night views of the hotel. Photos: Courtesy of OWN.

Although we've seen tons of LEED certified buildings, the brand is only starting to become popular in Argentina, and some projects are beginning to come up. One of the latests is this new hotel from Swiss Finance & Property and the OWN chain in fancy Puerto Madero neighborhood, which will be the first of its kind certified in the country. More photos and details inside.Among the green features of the LEED certification areas, the hotel will have:
-Access to public transport,
-Bike parking and dressing rooms for bikers,
-50% water saving in landscape decoration,
-20% water savings in overall consume (compared to a similar building in regular conditions),
-14% more efficient use of energy,
-Trash separation for recyclable materials during construction,
-Use of materials with 10% recycled content (post and pre-consume),
-Use of 10% local materials (totally produced at a max distance of 800km),
-Use of certified wood,
-Natural lighting, visuals and air control for interiors,
-Low emissions materials for interiors.

OWN - New LEED Certified Hotel in Buenos Aires Photo

We know, some claim LEED certifications don't necessarily mean green buildings, but the hotel building looks pretty good-sized and renders don't indicate excess in interiors.

In terms of how the 'green' will continue during its operations, the hotel owners claim it will use recycled paper in its flyers (though why make flyers at all?), separate its trash for recycling, replace sheets and towels selectively (which all hotels now do anyway), offer bikes for guests, use organic products in the kitchen, and carry on social programs.

OWN - New LEED Certified Hotel in Buenos Aires Photo

To see if they follow through we'll have to wait until the end of 2011, when the hotel opens its doors.

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