Buenos Aires' +Reuso from Grupo Polenta

Cajonera archivero.jpg
It reminds us of Junky Styling: to make old new. +Reuso (which means Re-Use) is an Argentinean brand of a studio called Grupo Polenta, that aims to give a second life to parts or products that have been discarded. "We make Post-Industrial design" -says Marcelo Minoliti, one of the designers of the group- "The re-use is our spirit, using existing materials, discovering the second life of objects and their components". Their product line is composed of chairs and sofas, bookshelves, tables and lamps, all with recognizable elements from everyday, like cardboard tubes, orange transit cones, broken marble and more (more pictures in the extended). "The re-use is another way to reduce the environmental impact of our products, it is based on the use of their accumulated energy", adds Minoliti. ::Grupo Polenta. [by Paula Alvarado, from Buenos Aires].