Buenos Aires renovation has clever use of space, recycled materials

Min House In Buenos Aires Context - Photo

Photos: Albano Garcia for Pop Arq.

Argentineans are known for making much with little, and this is true in architecture as well. The PH is a local typology of small houses aligned in long and narrow lots, which provides the feeling of a home with some aspects of apartments. These are the places where most young adults live, and they're usually good examples of making the most out of every inch.

This one was reformed by the firm Pop Arq with a great use of cheap and recycled materials, and a clever use of empty space. Check out the project inside.By covering less than half the open patio of the house with a container built with tin panels, the firm added space to hold the bathroom, stairs, and some storage facilities. The kitchen, dining and living room were placed in the first floor of the original construction and the bedroom in the second.

Scheme Showing The Addendum To The House - Image

Addendum To The Home - Photo

The patio that remained open is connected directly with the interior to a space that holds the kitchen and the stairs to the new structure, adding natural light and ventilation.

Home Interior Showing How The New Structure Fits Nicely On The Side - Photo

Stairs Going Up, Built With Recycled Wood From The Old House - Photo

Upstairs, the bathroom furniture (closet, lavatory, laundry and flower pot) is made with wood, metal and acrylics recovered from the old house. These spaces also have natural light, though the windows seem a little thin for the winter.

Entry To The Bathroom, Also Built With Recovered Wood - Photo

Another View Of The Bathroom - Photo

All and all, the apartment is now 70 sq. meters (about 750 sq. feet), which is not tiny. However, considering the patio is only for certain times of the year, it's pretty frugal living for a couple.

More at the architects website.

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