Bubblicious Wood-Burning Stove: Better Burning than a Boring Fireplace?


As Sean and Lloyd both recently noted, design is important for more than just good looks; it doesn't make any sense to put a square bed in a round bedroom. Looking good -- and the definition of "looking good" -- has different meaning for different folks, and while TreeHugger works hard to showcase the sexiest stuff the green world has to offer, we also want to spotlight how these designs are not only as functional as their conventional counterparts, but even moreso. Such is the case with the "Chimenea Modelo Bubble de Techo de Anthrax" -- why don't we just called it "Chimney Anthrax," for short -- which, aside from embodying everything a modern TreeHugger would want in a wood-burning stove, actually claims to work better. They say the rounded, "bubble" shape create more efficient combustion, creating more heat from the available wood and leaving less unburned chunks behind. Though burning anything is probably not on many people's radar in the blazing heat of summer, we can recommend some alternative fireplace "logs" for this puppy, and, although it may not be as efficient as pellet stoves, could be a cool alternative to a traditional fireplace or wood-burning stove. Of course, check out TreeHugger's How to Green Your Heating before making any decisions about how to keep warm this winter. ::Climalis (site in Spanish) via ::Freshome

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