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I could never interview the Brothers Dressler; the twin designers are twice my height, scary tall and intimidating. Fortunately Greg Ball at MocoLoco did it already; they had some interesting things to say about the repurposing and upcycling of materials:

Jason: We see repurposing as an effective and necessary way to minimize waste and keep objects in use and out of the trash. The objects we choose to incorporate in our designs are often items that have come into our hands by chance, or that we have sought out because of their craftsmanship, history, or original purpose. Some materials we're currently building into new work include found shoe lasts (destined to be firewood in a fishing camp in Northern Ontario), Iron window sash weights salvaged from local renovations and elm and leather conveyor apron from a defunct felt factory in Toronto.

We've also used old hemlock and pine salvaged from century old piers that had been underwater for many years. We see an inherent beauty in these industrial objects, when we think about the amount of work and energy that went into them it inspires us to give them a new life. There are so many historical objects that will never be seen or used again so we try to keep their legacy alive by making them into something new, beautiful and functional. Many of the repurposed materials we use are destined for the dump, so its really satisfying to step in and pluck them out of that waste stream.

Lars: In every city there are countless waste streams to be tapped and plenty of creative minds to come up with new uses for the material. We want to create pieces that invoke a sense of beauty, sensuality, and function - the result being a far cry from ending up as a piece of garbage. ::Mocoloco

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