Broken iPhones recycled for stylish home decor

broken iphones
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Don't throw away that cracked iPhone in your bottom drawer--it can be recycled. At least if you are as inventive as the designer at Twice Used.

He has taken thousands of shattered screens and turned them into picture frames, clocks, coffee tables and jewellery.

Spotted at psfk, Twice Used is a Kickstarter project with an environmental message. The creator started with a smartphone repair shop because he wanted to keep the screens out of land fill sites. The LCD screens on iPhones contain mercury so they aren't good for much.

He developed relationships with other repair shops so that he could collect thousands of screens. But not all can be reused to fix broken iPhones so he decided to upcycle them into household gadgets.

The good looking wall clock is made of 12 panes of iPhone glass, one for each hour of the day.

The table is more complicated. It is made from glass from over 100 different iPhones. It is covered with a sheet of clear glass to prevent cuts.

There are also earrings and delicate bracelets made from the buttons.

By next year there will be more cell phones than people in the world, a pretty sobering thought.

Where will he find the screens to propel the business? He already has 20,000 pieces but will continue to form partnerships with other repair shops for their rejects.

And he's an optimist: as he says: "As long as people are dropping phones we will have products to make!"

Broken iPhones recycled for stylish home decor
There is a new use for your smashed iPhone: a clock.

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