British Columbia Designers Display (Mostly) Calm and Elegant Work at ICFF (Photos)

dexel wood chair photo

They have a lot of wood in British Columbia, Canada, and a lot of talented designers who work with it. A flying squad of them arrived at ICFF with some of the more serene and elegant work in wood. Their booths were all simple and white, showing nothing but their work in the most minimal of settings.


Kurt Dexel "builds beautiful, clean, and modern crafted furniture. His work is a reflection of his background in engineering, an affinity for modern aesthetics, and his dedication - as a self-taught craftsman - to the art of woodworking."

dexel booth icff photo
Lloyd Alter

Park Studio

park studio detail photo
Lloyd Alter

Park Studio debuts at ICFF and doesn't have much of a website yet, but appears to be a reborn Utility Furniture; the new name is a great improvement. Derek Morton tells me that he has become far more concerned about using local materials and healthy, non-toxic finishes.

park studio icff booth photo
Lloyd Alter

John Ross Design

john ross wood table photo
John Ross Design

John Ross "finds the aesthetic in the overlooked. He takes direction from forms and textures produced by the forces and processes that surround us." Unlike most in the business, he has spent most of his working life in the out of doors. He has no formal training or education in the arts." His pieces are sculptural, using the natural forms of the wood he finds.

john ross icff booth
Lloyd Alter

Christian Woo

christian woo wood table photo
Christian Woo
Christian Woo's work is "informed by the singular natural setting of the Pacific Northwest and subtly influenced by the sculptural purity of Scandinavian and Japanese design. He says "I'm so inspired by working with a medium that is so beautiful in its raw state and I design so as not to disturb the inherent virtues of the wood itself."

christian woo icff booth photo
Lloyd Alter

Brent Comber

brent comber alder cubes photo
Brent Comber Originals
Brent Comber is probably the best known of the bunch; his alder cubes are iconic. At ICFF Comber showed this wooden sphere, and a series of wood teardrops.

brent comber wood sphere icff photo
Lloyd Alter

Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs

beaumont crash table photo
Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs

The exception to the calm, restrained and elegant designs and designers shown above is Judson Beaumont, the hyperkinetic and twisted designer who "questions everything and takes it to the next level through functionality or bending the rules." TreeHugger has shown some of his previous work using pine beetle lumber.

beaumont booth icff photo
Lloyd Alter

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