Brilliant Ways to Reuse Books

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Images via Offbeat Earth
Offbeat Earth is showing off some really amazing ideas for how books can be used for more than just reading. Here is a great idea for turning a book into a vase ideal for decorating library tables. But the art doesn't stop here. There are some cool ways stories are brought to life, and reading spaces are constructed from piles and piles of old books. Click through to check out more.
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Alice in Wonderland is brought to life, as is a scene from an adventure novel below. Offbeat Earth has a lot more photos of some even more amazing, intricate book carvings.

octopus book carving image

And there's a great use for all those paperbacks softened from being read and reread - a chair! We love this reuse idea to turn books into functional art.


There are also lamps, shelves, and other artistically created functional pieces along with some neat structures that have been made from books, including an impressive spiral staircase. Check out Offbeat Earth's post for more.

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