Briefcase unfolds, turns into mini mobile office

Your office is where you are, but sometimes you might wish that you had a little privacy. . La Fonction no. 1 looks like a leather shoulder bag when it is folded up, but then turns into a mobile office, your own mini-cubicle.

on shoulder© La Fonction no. 1

The designers at piKs Design describe it:

Beneath the appearance of an incredibly functional leather satchel lies a mobile workstation which folds out to protect the screen from reflections as well as prying eyes, guaranteeing the user’s isolation and concentration when travelling or working in an open-plan office.

open© La Fonction no. 1

It can hold a lot of stuff: your computer, notebooks, phone, and a....hacksaw?

compubodyBecky Stern/CC BY 2.0

At 840 Euros, it costs a bit more than Becky Stern's compubody, and doesn't provide as much privacy. But it is a little more elegant. Via PSFK.

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