Bridge In Korea To Include Museums, Parks and Vertical Gardens

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Bridges don't have to be utilitarian and just for cars; bridges are for people too. In Korea, thePaik Nam June Media Bridge is proposed to be "sculptural, futuristic, and eco-friendly." The 1080 meter (3500 foot) bridge does handle cars, but also pedestrians and bicycles.

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ArchDaily writes:

People can enjoy a public museum and library with the latest IT technology. In addition, water taxis, yachts and cruise ships can dock at the base of the bridge. The sustainable green space over the bridge is a circulated vertical and horizontal garden. The gardens would utilize the local resources, for example river and rain water along with natural light and ventilation. To celebrate world famous video/media artist Nam June Paik, the whole skin of the bridge can be used as a canvas for media and video artist all over the world.

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