Bricks Sofa by Robert Bronwasser for Palau, Furniture as it Should Be


Bricks by Robert Bronwasser for Palau (more images below)

Here is a furniture company that makes simply good design: long lasting, both emotionally (through timeless design) and technologically (good quality), as well as made from environmentally friendly materials. The Dutch company Palau develops and produces in the Netherlands and has a pretty impressive collection of domestic and office furniture. Palau uses FSC-certified wood, fabrics with the EU Eco Flower label and bio oils that partly replace the petroleum oils that form the base of high resilience foam. However, not all versions are what they call exclusively "eco-versions", but all of them are available on request. Here is the new collection by designer Robert Bronwasser presented at the Milan furniture fair this year.Bricks, by Robert Bronwasser


Bricks is a clever modular sofa system designed for the new business environment but can also be integrated in any home. As Palau explains, Bricks offers the possibility to house different functions in one piece of furniture such as waiting, eating, conferencing, working and socialising. We are happy to note that this series is exclusively produced under Palau's eco guidelines, which means the pieces are made from sustainably managed wood and eco-foam. The modular design translates into sustainable thinking as it lets the customer decide exactly how much sofa is needed, and keeps all doors open for future changes and reparations without ever having to replace the whole sofa. ::Palau

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