Bread Makes a More Delicious Covering for Radios Than Plastic

There is something about these bread covered electronics that is so irresistible. Maybe it's the contrast between the smell and look of a loaf of fresh bread straight from the oven and the idea of a radio or flashlight inside it. Don't take a bite.

Debbi Nitsan has delved into this dichotomy between high-tech and low-tech technologies with her series of baked electronic products. Bread crust replaces plastic covers on clocks, radios and flashlights.

She actually bakes the bread in the oven in specially created metal containers. She says that "with a new shell a unique texture and look is created. And they work!"

Nitsan is interested in natural and organic growth. This table covering is made of little seedlings that she watered daily and eventually sprouted. She says that "as a result I made still objects become full of life. In fact a whole new human-objects relationship has been created."

She's got a quirky sense of humour. In honour of the Jewish new year, with Kobi Nakav she has created a series of paper kipas--head covers for use at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. With a play on words, they hint at some famous brands, like LaCoste and Vuitton that would definitely never be in that business.

Her latest endeavour is Balata: rulers (remember them) made out of reclaimed stone paving material. They are created from left-over pieces of Caesarstone® which is often used for flooring. Just the thing to send your little one back to school with--or to sit proudly on your desk.

Bread Makes a More Delicious Covering for Radios Than Plastic
What is it about these baked electronics that is so yummy? Whatever you do, don't take a bite.

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