Brazilian Studio Bossa's LED Lamps Designs

Studio Bossa describes itself as a "laboratory of conceptual and ecological design". Based in Brazil, the studio works with recycled and natural materials, and has several products giving new life and uses to LED lamps. You know these small lamps last approximately 100,000 hours and consume 80% less energy than regular ones, but are not as available in commercial or design lamps yet, even though the offer is growing. For example, Studio Bossa has come up with Bardot, a lamp/flower pot made with recovered incandescent bulbs and LEDs. They also have Anaua (picture): a lamp made with repurposed cotton flowers that each holds LED lamps, combining organic leftovers and technology. Iracema, another one of Studio Bossa's products, is made with dried pumpkins and LEDs and has a strong decorative shape. Finally, Packlight is a recovered can that transforms into a lamp via some elements like a modern platform. Studio Bossa is formed by designer Thiago de Souza, specialized in LED lighting; and Marina Perelló, photographer and investigator for cultural and historical aspects of materials. They will be presenting their work in Diseño con Acento fair this week and Designmart Tokyo (October 31st to November 4th). More pictures in the extended. ::Studio Bossa

Bardot lamp, from a recovered incandescent light bulb, with LEDs.


Iracema, made with dried pumpkins.


Packlight: new life to a can.

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