Brazilian Real Bank Recycled Paper Policies

It's so encouraging when we find out about huge enterprises adopting green policies. Of course our actions as individuals are very important, but we have to accept large scale actions have an enormous impact.
So it was great news to find out about Brazilian Real Bank launching recycled paper check books to replace all their regular ones, and even cooler to know that this decision was communicated through an advertising campaign in recycled paper banners and magazine ads.
Their other actions include the replacement of white paper with recycled one in most of its offices' supplies such as printer paper, electronic cashiers' envelopes, bank resumes, internal communication, and flyers among others.
Processes using recycled paper in the bank already reached 70%. Only in the administrative sector of the bank. In 2004, 840 of the total 1720 tons of paper used in printers was recycled. And that's not it. Of course, they also encourage not printing everything in order to avoid waste, so at the bottom of the e-mails they write "Before printing think if it's really necessary".::Banco Real