Brazilian Gueto Studio House Accessories

Recycling is so great; we know how much us treehuggers love it. But some materials can get really tricky, and it takes some good sense to pull up a slick-as-we-like product with recycled, especially when materials are pieces of leather and rubber.
Now, think about that at look at this cute puff! The responsibles for this one are guys at Gueto, a Brazilian studio from Rio Grande do Sul, the most southern of Brazilian states.
The company was started back in 2001 by architect and designer Karin Wittmann Wilsmann, and her sister, Solange Wittmann, now commercial director.
Between their developments there are two main materials they’ve recuperated: pieces of leather and rubber waste they get from an enterprise called Suljet.From the first, they’ve come up with Pano Gueto, a new piece of leather made from the pieces which they have applied in carpets, chairs, sofas and all sorts of products. Just think about all those small pieces and how clever the patterns are put together.
The second element is taken exactly the way it is provided by the enterprise, making them the essence of the product. The puffs don’t have a solid structure; they’re simply tied up in the middle, making it easy to disarm.
Besides these two materials, Gueto has many other cool items like the silicone bench, the recycled rubber lamp and recycled rubber bench. The first one is the reutilization of silicone plaques from the metallurgic industry; and the second and third, taken advantage of the rubber from the automotive industry. ::Gueto

Pano Gueto carpet.


Silicone bench.


Recyled rubber lamp.


Recycled rubber bench.