Boxsal, a Pretty Fun Picnic in a Cardboard Box (Photos)

boxsal urban picnic photo

Summer is the prefect time for picnics, pretty much anywhere! On roof tops, in Central Park, at the beach, open air cinemas or the zoo, a good picnic is special. But how often do you make the effort and unleash your creativity to put together a delicious lunch or dinner in a box or basket? The design team The Three Blind Ants have just made it a little bit easier, a little bit more fun and a little eco-friendlier with the Boxsal. It is basically a fashionable cardboard box with enough room to fit a bottle of wine, snacks, sandwiches and more. Boxsal comes with beautiful utensils, plates, cups and napkins, and the whole kit is reusable until you decide to compost it. Which one fits your mood: the Office Escape, the Urban Picnic or Today's Date?The Urban Picnic

boxsal urban picnic box photo

For all of the graffiti artists, breakers, subway performers and inner city folks who think a highrise can be just as scenic a backdrop for a picnic as a 100-year-old oak tree. Head up to the nearest roof top to pop a picnic.

Today's Date
boxsal today's date picnic box photo

Today's Date is an impromptu picnic with the guy, gal, doll or dude of your choice. Forget candle light and Barry White. Trade them in for a nooner with sunshine, fresh air and a roll down a grassy hill. Pack the pinot and try a paint-by-numbers.

The Office Escape
boxsal office escape picnic box photo

Show fluorescent city exactly where the sun does shine, for at least an hour. It's the perfect excuse to turn that boring spread sheet into a noon-time picnic blanket. Load up the box, unload some stress, and commandeer that park bench on 5th.

Each box contains 1 picnic box, 4 compostable trays, 4 compostable large bowls, 4 compostable small bowls, 4 compostable sets of cutlery, 4 compostable cups, 8 recycled napkins and 1 compostable trash bag. According to their web site, everything takes around 180 days to biodegrade. All Boxsals are available for 35$, and don't forget to visit the Boxsal blog for tips and tricks (recipes, cocktail and playlist suggestions, what to wear, ...) for how to make your next picnic unforgettable. ::Boxsal
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