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LEED buildings are getting pretty thick on the ground these days, and don't often make it into TreeHugger unless they are pushing platinum or or doing something really special; Brooklyn Bowl falls into that latter category- a century-old iron foundry where Peter Shapiro and Charley Ryan have built a hipster bowling alley and music venue and gone to the considerable trouble of getting it LEED Certified.

On the bowling part side of the story, they use "string" pinsetters, which use 75% less energy than conventional machines. (I wondered what this meant - It appears the pins have strings on them so that they are just reeled in and then set.) Steps were taken to minimize energy and water use, reclaim and reuse materials and preserve air quality in accordance with LEED guidelines for existing buildings.

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On the entertainment venue side, original flooring and walls were preserved, and the furniture, flooring and fixtures are largely composed of local, reclaimed, or recycled content materials. LED stage lighting draws a tenth of the power of standard theatrical lighting. Glass panels, used as dividers throughout the bar space, were salvaged from the nearby Brooklyn Navy Yard. Of course, they serve local beer made right next store.

It is hard to rack up the points in a big public venue, where you have to build tough; a lot of the technologies used in LEED buildings won't stand up under the number of people that are using a place like this. For instance, can waterless urinals handle this kind of volume?

So while LEED certified is the lowest bar in LEED, it is still a very high bar for this kind of use. Pete Atkin of GreenOrder, partners in the project, says "we are at the point where LEED certification is almost expected of new office buildings, but when every club, restaurant, bar, and even bowling alley starts to seek certification, we are really going to start seeing change and progress."

But the last word goes to Charley Ryan: "Indifference is the real enemy of the environment."

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