Bottled Air Concept Preps Us for the Apocalypse

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Image via Yanko Design

This might be something the folks on the coast of Louisiana wish were more reality, less concept right about now. It's bottled fresh air. "Why," you might ask, "do we need bottled air?" Considering the rate we're clogging up the atmosphere with pollution, the designers at designaffairs STUDIO are planning for our future, and it seems to include ready access to clean oxygen when outside supplies are low.

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From the designers:

What if pollution levels in the future will demand artificial production and distribution of oxygen? What if you don´t only have to do your grocery shopping, but you´d also have to get your daily oxygen supply? What if instead of a news app on your mobile device you´ll have an oxygen level tracking app?

o3 is a survival oxygen unit with a wicked message: the urgency and seriousnessto rethink and react; o3 is the product you don´t want to need!

To spread this message we created a future scenario to make you think about it!

Nothing like getting a quick shake like this to remind us a future with breathable air is not guaranteed. We're so used to the once ridiculous notion of bottled water that the idea of bottled air really isn't all that crazy. We do, after all, already can it.
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