BottleCycler: Better than it Looks at First Glance


I was all set to get myself in trouble again like I did with the Solar Powered Trash Masher. Australia's BottleCycler "reduces the disposable volume of your empty bottles by 80% The machine, inside your bar area, reduces the volume by crushing the glass into recyclable pieces, fast, quiet, safe and easy." I was going to say that crushed glass is good for nothing but paving, blasting and fibreglass production and that this was downcycling at its worst, and that this did not compare to deposit and return systems where the glass can be separated by colour.

Then I read further and learned the important stuff- it is part of a well thought out system. The BottleCycler does mix up different colours of glass, but the company picks up the glass in special trucks to avoid cross-contamination, and delivers it to VISY glass recycling, which has laser driven equipment that can ""see" up to 16 million different colours at high speed. Highly accurate air jets then sort the glass into its different colours and removes any nonrecyclables such as caps and corks and the like. The facility can automatically sort glass pieces as small as 6mm." More than 80% of the glass is turned back into bottles.


You throw in the bottle and we take care of the rest, all for a fixed monthly fee. Simple, easy and reliable.

Just a clever machine that crushes bottles is great for the restauranteur but does nothing for the environment. Developing a useful machine, picking up the waste at greater fuel efficiency, and recycling it back into bottles: that is a useful and complete system, perhaps better than a deposit system where the bottles do not get refilled, just separated by colour and then recycled. . ::Bottlecycler via ::Springwise

from the website:

Currently only 10% of all glass collected from the hospitality industry is getting recycled in the end, the other 90%! ends up in landfill. This is due to inefficient logistics and ongoing contamination. The bottle truck collects from 10 venues, 9 venues the glass load is perfect but the last venue has a contaminated load, meaning it contaminates the complete truckload. Due to limited processing facilities most bins filled with bottles, broken glass and contaminants end up in landfill. Bottlecycler Glass Management Services uses dedicated trucks which exclusively collect the clean glass cullet, processed by the BottleCycler crusher. This cullet will deliver a minimum of 80% of beneficiated glass cullet, used to make new bottles!

The benefits for the environment are significant. Early stage crushing eliminates most of the noise pollution attached to the process of collecting glass, it improves the overall quality of the recyclable glass cullet (resulting in a higher recovery rate) and it reduces CO2 discharge in the atmosphere.

As an unique and major component of our full on-site service model the quiet BottleCycler glass crusher enables a 'painless' and cost effective implementation in the hospitality industry with benefits for every participant in the supply chain: the bar proprietor, the collectors, the neighbours, the recyclers, the glass industry and of course the environment.

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