Bottle Buildings


When we get tired of carrying all our wine bottles back to the store for deposit, we may just recycle them into a bottle building in the backyard. People have been doing it for years, another or those "architecture without architects" things that Bernard Rudofsky talked about. Warren notes that in Australia they are still doing it, and we recently noted a dome in Herefordshire. There is even a whole website devoted to them, which notes that "when the sun hits the bottles, there are said to be kaleidoscopic rays and a stained glass effect."

The oldest surviving bottle house was was constructed out of over 50,000 beer bottles in 1907, due to the lack of lumber available in the deserts of Nevada.


"In the old ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada, a saloon owner named Tom Kelly, built a house out of bottles because lumber was scarce at the time. Reportedly he used some 50,000 beer, whiskey, soda and medicine bottles to build the structure which still stands today. Mr. Kelley was 76 years old when he built the house and it took him almost six months to complete."


"The bottle house was restored and re-roofed by Paramount Pictures in 1925 for a movie setting. Afterwards it was given to the Beatty Improvement Association for maintenance as a historical site."


Next to the bottle house is a "garden" of sculptures made of broken glass including miniature houses, bottle ropes, and whole bunch more glass junk, er... treasures."


::Quirky Nevada via ::Web Urbanist

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