Bottle Belts Hold Wine, Beer and Other Things on Your Bike

It takes clever design to make biking as convenient as driving. If you're going to to pedal to your friend's dinner party, you don't want to do it with a bottle of wine in one hand. That's where bottle belts come in: the simple, classy way to add some cargo space to your bike.

Perfect for holding wine and beer bottles, plus whatever else you can think of, bottle belts are from Walnut Studiolo, run by Geoffrey and Valerie Franklin in Portland. In addition to making the world a more bike-friendly place, the Franklins care about the materials they use. This is how they define their mission:

To design durable, unique, and functional (awesome) products that we want to use ourselves and that are:
~hand-tooled in Portland, Oregon
~made out of durable natural materials like leather and wood
~sourced with an emphasis on locally-made and USA-made suppliers
~produced using environmentally responsible methods and materials

They source a lot of their materials (scrap leather, old ink cartridges, packaging) from SCRAP, a creative re-use center. The leather in the bottle belts comes from a local company that uses byproducts of the meat industry. The metal hardware comes from a small Ohio company.

The bottle belts are quite similar to Jesse Herbert's bicycle wine rack, which we featured last year. Herbert's version seemed more secure, but less versatile.

If you don't want to choose (or pay for either), you could take inspiration from Walnut Studiolo and Herbert and try to make your own version, using old belts you have lying around.

Bottle Belts Hold Wine, Beer and Other Things on Your Bike
Walnut Studiolo used recycled materials and leather to make classy bike accessories.

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