Water Bottle Keeps Cool by "Sweating"

For all of the grossness associated with sweating, it's a vital function for dealing with hot climates. As perspiration evaporates or is hit by a breeze, the skin is cooled. Designer Benjamin Helle took that simple concept and applied it to a new kind of water bottle, made for cyclists.

Just like with any cool drink on a hot day, water in the atmosphere will condense on the sides of Helle's product. But instead of rolling to the bottom, they are absorbed by a layer of cloth that surrounds the Botl. As the bike moves, wind hits the damp cloth, producing the same cooling effect that evaporating sweat does on human skin. The result? The contents of the Botl are cooled, though it's unclear just how much of a temperature drop the phenomenon yields.

It's a design that's so simple, it's just begging to be made into a DIY project. Since ideas that appear on Yanko Design and Behance don't often make the jump from concept to on the market, you might as well try wrapping your water bottle in some cloth, and see if you can make Helle's clever solution work yourself. And let me know if you do!

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Via Yanko Design.

Water Bottle Keeps Cool by "Sweating"
A clever water bottle uses condensation to keep its contents cool.

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