Booth Trends: Live Action Demonstration Instead of Passive Presentation

artek furniture floor photo

Lloyd Alter

You don't just drop your product and hire the booth babes anymore; The big trend at ICFF this year was live action. Finnish furniture company Artek (founded in 1935 by designers including Alvar and Aino Aalto) demonstrate their craftsmanship on the show floor.

tom dixon factory floor booth photo

Tom Dixon says that most of his ideas come from the factory floor, and that with today's manufacturing processes there is less of a need to ship stuff round the world. He was intrigued by the idea of bringing the factory floor to ICFF and set up a small production line right on site. I am surprised that the unions let him.

Tom Dixon - ICFF 2010 from Metropolis magazine on Vimeo.

Metropolis interviews Dixon about the Flash Factory on the floor.
More at Tom Dixon

valspar wall painting booth photo

Paint manufacturer Valspar hired some hunks to paint and repaint a wall in the middle of the show floor. Their clothing stayed perfectly white all weekend.

umbra doodling chair booth photo

Umbra is promoting a competition in celebration of their 30 years in business where they are looking at how people use thier products creatively. They invited guests to draw on their walls, and spent the show doodling on Karim Rashid's Oh chairs. Some of them were quite impressive:

umbra super chair photo

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haastens mattress sewing photo

Even Haastens, makers of the crazy $60,000 mattress, were sewing them on site.

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