Boites de la Paix: Furniture made from Ammunition Cases


Interesting things come out of Sutton Quebec: First Graham Hill, and now Boites de la Paix- Furniture made from US army howitzer cartridge cases from the Viet Nam war era. Most were burned or buried, but these were salvaged and are being refurbished for "a new, peace-oriented purpose. We wanted to create a significant artistic gesture for peace in the present and future."- Ploughshares not being needed, they beat their swords into wine racks, bookshelves, CD storage and knicknack shelves. The designers continue: "when the planet's natural resources are being overexploited, as forests are being razed, we think it is time to break away from over-consumption, polluting and non-renewable products." French Only website at ::Boites de la Paix found at ::One of a Kind