Boc'n Roll, the Reusable Sandwich Wrapper Rocks!

BOC N ROLL reusable sandwich wrapper IMAGE

Are you fed up with having to waste tin foil or plastic food bags to wrap your sandwiches? Or you had enough of carrying bulky plastic containers to get your snacks to work? Well, BOC’N ROLL, a Spanish design by MarcaDiferencia, (VERY similar to Wrap-N-Mat...) seems to be the solution. It is a reusable food wrapper, meant to pack up snacks like sandwiches, fruit or biscuits and take them to work, school or on a trip without leaving any waste behind. See video and more information after the jump.

BOC’N ROLL (which comes from 'bocadillo', meaning 'sandwich' in Spanish) is basically what looks like a big serviette, cotton on the outside, and wipeable plastic on the inside. A Velcro closure helps keep the food in place and let’s the wrapper adapt itself to the various shapes and sizes of snacks. BOC’N ROLL can be used over and over again and is machine washable.

The advantages: eco-friendly because it is an alternative to throw- away wrappers and gets people to reuse, hygienic because it offers a clean surface to eat wherever you are, durable, washable, easy to use, very lightweight and space reducing, and cheaper than having to buy new wrapping material constantly. Now we don’t want to be picky but we could criticise the fact that the BOC’N ROLL in itself is not eco-friendly, as it seems to be made of non-organic cotton and polyester and ‘eco-friendly, recyclable and durable’ plastic- whatever that means. As much as we love this clever sandwich wrapper and hope many people will switch from throwaway wrappers to this one, we would like to see the product itself cradle to cradle designed.

BOCN’ROLL is so far available in Spain for 4,95€ at Ecoarys and Servei Estacio, or online via MarcaDiferencia if you buy wholesale (min. 25 pieces). Also check out the Wrap-N-Mat site where you can buy online. Via ::o2Spain ::BOC’N ROLL (Spanish and Catalan only)

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