BoB, the Eco Clothes Hanger Made from Cardboard and Reused Water Bottles

BoB Hanger made from recycled cardboard and reused water bottles PHOTO

Designer Joan Nadal took on the challenge to re-design one of the most common everyday objects: the humble clothes hanger. A small object with a large environmental footprint if we consider that of the 8 billion polystyrene or polycarbonate hangers manufactured per year, only 15% are recycled. That is enough to fill the Empire State Building 4 times! The solution: make recyclable hanger from just one material, and if you can, recycle something along the way. BoB Hanger does exactly that: it’s made from recycled cardboard and needs two reused bottles to function.BoB stands for Bottle – object – Bottle, which is what you need to make this hanger. The middle object is a clever cardboard design that folds into the main structure, to which you attach a reused water bottle on each end. Et voilà, a hanger! BoB Hanger is 100% recycled and can be fully recycled at the end of its life. Plus it comes flat pack, which reduces transport energy. BoB Hanger carries up to 0,5 kilos, but if you think the two plastic bottles are too weak to take the weight of your winter coat, try sticking a rolled up magazine through the holes. Via ::Servei Estaciò ::BoB Hanger

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