Blue Marmalade: Functional and Funky


What do two disgruntled Scottish designers who want to do something different call themselves? Blue Marmalade. The marmalade part comes from their respect for the quality and integrity of British design and manufacturing--what could be more British than marmalade. And the blue represents creating simple things with a twist. Hence, a company as unique as blue marmalade. Talking about imagination, the clever key hook (pictured) is made of completely recycled plastic. It can be mailed in an envelope, and the middle part pops out to become the key fob. This is just an example of their eco-friendly products that are easily assembled and made out of recycled plastic. They make the plastic in Scotland, sourcing it from different factories.


The "crease" magazine holder is another good looking item. It has a friendly, curvy, modern shape and yet it is rigid enough to hold lots of magazines and newspapers. It comes as a flatpack--one sheet of plastic--and folds together easily. Nothing is wasted with this crowd. The book mark clip is an example—it is a piece of plastic that is left over from the light fittings from a lighting product. Rather than throw it away, they turned it into something useful. :: Blue Marmalade

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