Bloxes: Modular Cardboard Furnishings for the Office

Bloxes: flat-pack cardboard boxes

Combining a handful of TreeHugger's favorite things, Bloxes are modular boxes built from flat-packed corrugated cardboard cutouts that can be used for everything from office furniture to modular walls. Inspired by LEGOs and utilizing some of the lessons you learned in high school geometry, Bloxes earn points for their smart, flat-packing design, modular construction and movability and surprising strength -- you can sit or even stand on the finished product.

Helping to prove cardboard's viability as a material, and
somewhat reminiscent of MIO's modular Nomad System, we ought to add it to this collection of cardboard furnishings as a new and interesting way to create structure and form from nearly flat materials. Might not be the most comfortable stuff to sit on (and it certainly isn't suitable for outdoor use), but we like that Bloxes are sturdy enough to actually stand on. ::Bloxes via ::Gizmodo
Bloxes: flat-pack cardboard boxes before they're built
Flat versions of Bloxes: good for easy, efficient shipping
Bloxes: flat-pack cardboard boxes, being folded
Apparently they go together so fast, it's hard to capture with a camera
Bloxes: flat-pack cardboard boxes, stronger than they look
Bloxes are stronger than they look
Bloxes: flat-pack cardboard, from start to finish
Here's how it goes down, from flat to finished in a few simple steps
Bloxes: flat-pack cardboard as a modular wall
What do you do with Bloxes? Cardboard fences make for good office neighbors...

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