Bjarke Ingels of BIG Wins European Prize For Architecture

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Fast Company
Fast Company nailed Bjarke Ingels with a graphic novelette earlier this year, capturing the intensity and fun that the 38 year old wonder is having. He's just won the European Prize for Architecture,which interestingly, is an American prize honouring European architecture. In the press release they call Ingels " a leading force in Europe's Green Architecture movement producing astonishing and exemplary works of sustainable design."

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Mountain Dwellings, Copenhagen combines "the splendours of the suburban backyard with the social intensity of urban density"

He is a proponent of "Engineering without engines"- instead of throwing green gizmos at buildings. According to the press release:

He believes we should use contemporary technology and computation capacity to make buildings independent of machinery. He believes rightly that building services today are essentially mechanical compensations for the fact that buildings are bad for what they are designed for--human life. Therefore we pump air around, illuminate dark spaces with electric lights, and heat and cool the spaces in order to make them livable. The result is boring boxes with big energy bills. "If we moved the qualities out of the machine room and back into architecture's inherent attributes, we'd make more interesting buildings and more sustainable cities"

That deserves a prize.

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