Bjarke Ingels Designs Ski Hill Wrapping High-Tech Incinerator

Bjarke Ingels ski hill incinerator image

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Bjarke Ingels is the precocious young starchitect beloved of Fast Company (see their profile here) and who has now won an international competition to design a new waste-to-energy plant, or glorified high-tech incinerator. Abitare writes that they were only asked to design the facade, but as is his wont, Ingels gets crazy, turning it into a giant smoking ski hill. Who says infrastructure can't be fun?

Bjarke Ingels ski hill incinerator image

The press release quotes Ingles, on his attitude to making architecture green and fun:

The new waste incineration plant is an example of what we at BIG call Hedonistic Sustainability - the idea that sustainability is not a burden, but that a sustainable city in fact can improve our quality of life. The Waste-to-Energy plant with a ski slope is the best example of a city and a building which is both ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.

Bjarke Ingels ski hill incinerator image

There is not much discussion about whether skiing around the output of an incinerator is a good idea; Tests show that the new designs capture all of the dioxins and furans and most of the particulates, while sucking up 26% of Denmark's waste while powering and heating 400,000 homes.


But just so everyone knows that it is not totally emission free, Ingels has designed the stack to emit a smoke ring every time a ton of carbon dioxide is released.

Bjarke Ingels ski hill incinerator image

At night, they will fire lasers at it.

Bjarke Ingels ski hill incinerator image

The slope is ecological using a recycled synthetic granular, upending the convention of the energy intensive indoor ski resort. Access to the slopes is via an elevator along the plant's smokestack providing views into the plant, giving glimpses of its internal workings finally reaching an observation platform 100m above giving sightseers an unobstructed view from one of the tallest structures in Copenhagen.

Bjarke Ingels ski hill incinerator image

The exterior is a green facade "formed by planter modules stacked like bricks turning it into a mountain from afar."

Really, every time I see another BIG project I wonder, when is he going to go too far. But it is all so much fun to watch. More at BIG and Abitare
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