Bizarre Electric Taxi Designed to Go Off Road

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All images via Tuvie

Over the last few years, there have been some pretty innovative re-imaginings of the taxi--but maybe none as strange as this. The "Taxius Animalus" is an all-electric taxi with a six-wheel track designed to navigate off road terrain--and it looks like a cross between a tank and a rickshaw. More pics and video of the bizarre vehicle after the jump.The concept is obviously in the very early design stages--but it's a damn compelling design nonetheless. According to Tuvie,

Usually, a taxi continuously runs 12 hours everyday, including the standing time when they wait for passengers, resulting huge wastage of fuel and harm to the environment. The Taxius is a small and light built taxi concept that uses electric power to transport people over different areas of busy cities or countryside towns.


This taxi comprises an organic inspired sculpture which is simplified using tough fabric, strengthened chords and welded hollow tubes, forming a functional volume with great visibility.


The diverse functionality of the taxi concept includes structural interior on an electric architecture, which runs on a six wheel track over diverse terrains and the visual aesthetic has been boost with transparent exterior skin with composite panels.


And here's a video to help you get acquainted with the odd Taxius a bit better:

Taxius Animalus from francis gomes on Vimeo.

There are obviously a slew of practical questions that aren't taken into consideration: Where's the battery? What's the battery? How does it charge, and how long does it last? And so on. But it's still a strange, fun conceptualization of the taxi--and I for one would take an all-electric, off road ride on a taxi/mini-tank any day.

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