Bird-Friendly Glass Among BuildingGreen's Top 10 of the Year

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Happy Orange Bird via Sam Howzit, Flickr.

The folks at Arnold Glas are chirping about an award for Ornilux from BuildingGreen, as a Top 10 green building product of 2010. The Ornilux bird-friendly, spider-inspired glass was spotlighted earlier this year by TreeHugger. So I guess we also have a good eye for developments, along with BuildingGreen, and editors of Environmental Building News and GreenSpec, who hand out the 2010 awards. The latest BuildingGreen trophies also call attention to other great ideas you may not have heard of. Read on. These Building Green Top 10 awards are the ninth annual, recognizing "the most exciting products" of the year, and include:

NyloDeck, made from 100% recycled carpet and a water-blown polyurethane binder. This composite decking is impervious to moisture, termites, mold and mildew and keeps carpet out of the landfill.

photo nylodeck nyloboard
NyloDeck, made by Nyloboard.

Knoll FSC Furniture from Knoll Inc. This line of commercial office furnishings comes standard with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Knoll began using FSC wood in December 2009, without raising prices, BuildingGreen notes: "Knoll is the only furniture company--and perhaps the only company of this size in any market sector--that has made such a significant commitment to sustainable forestry and FSC."

Niagara Stealth Toilet from Niagara Conservation Corp., a 0.8 gallon-per-flush ultra-high-efficiency toilet, which uses vacuum-assist technology, very little water, and is exceptionally quiet. The vacuum is created when an air bubble is formed in the trapway as the toilet tank is filling up after flushing. This one may be the most water-conserving of any flush toilet on the market, according to BuildingGreen.

A diagram of the Niagara Stealth Toilet, via

As for the Ornilux Bird-Safe Glass, BuildingGreen notes that the German product is being distributed in the U.S. by Roeder Windows & Doors.

Arnold Glas, maker of the Ornilux product, says preventing bird collisions is "a global challenge as more and more glass is being utilized in architecture, especially with green building practices that focus on energy efficiency through the use of natural light."

The company calls the award "a big step forward towards increasing awareness of the issue and facilitating the expansion of green-build-think to incorporate bird friendly design into architecture."

A full list of the 2010 BuildingGreen awards can be found here. Here's looking forward to more green building innovations in 2011.

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