Biosculptures: Filtering Water the Natural Way

Biosculptures™ are living sculptures that use the capacity of carefully chosen plants to clean and filter water. They can be modified to function in different contexts--at smaller scale to clean household or office graywater, at larger scale as parts of water remediation systems for wetlands, rivers, rural and urban stormwater runoff. This is the work of Jackie Brookner who collaborates with ecologists, urban planners, and communities to create these biosculptures.

These vegetated sculptures are intended to seed a sense of connection to worlds beyond the human and to encourage understanding that is it possible to sustain human life in ways that benefit natural systems, rather than degrade them.

The image above is called The Gift of Water and it functions as a part of a constructed wetland filtration system. Two mossy cupped hands reach from the bank into the pond. As water flows into the hands a misting fountain aerates it and moistens the mosses, which in turn, purify the water. It was was commissioned by the town of Grossenhain, near Dresden, Germany. It is used in the new public swimming complex, where the water is filtered entirely by wetland plants, without the use of chlorine or any other chemicals.::via SuperNaturale ::Biosculptures ::more environment art discussion