Bioregional Consulting Win Sustainable Consultant of the Year


It seems like the folks at London-based Bioregional Development Group are never far from our front page. Whether it's their pioneering work on decentralized supply chains for charcoal or firewood production, their localized paper-recycling systems, or their ambitious plans for One-Planet Living communities around the world, they always seem to be rethinking the way we do things, with dramatic reductions in ecological impacts as a result. Well, it seems we aren't the only ones to be taking note — Bioregional Consulting, a wholly-owned trading arm of the charity, won Sustainable Consultant of the Year at Building Magazine's Sustainability Awards last week (incidentally, it's a sign of the times that Building Magazine now has a dedicated sustainability section of their website). The competition organizers laid out the reasons for the win in no uncertain terms:

"BioRegional Consulting stood out for the diversity of its work. As well as its groundbreaking efforts in eco housing it has also been involved in sustainable forestry, sustainable farming and recycling.

It uses the One Planet Living framework on many of its projects based on the 10 guiding principles of sustainability (developed by BioRegional and WWF), which include using local and sustainable materials and fair trade principles.

It is currently completing its seventh project with English Partnerships in 18 months, one of which will act as a Carbon Challenge site. On top of this it is a consultant for waste action group WRAP's Construction Programme and is developing an indicator of the future recyclability of products and projects. All together it demonstrated a very committed entry."

Other winners included the Heelis Building, which houses the National Trust central office in Swindon and won Sustainable Building of the Year in the large project category, and the Pines Calyx, a conference and training centre nestled in the White Cliffs of Dover that won Sustainable Building of the Year in the small project category.

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