Bio-resin chairs upcycle discarded wood shavings

chair with recycled wood shavings
Video screen capture Wai Ming Ng

Designers Marjan van Aubel and James Shaw set out to put wood shavings to good use, after learning that 50 to 80 percent of raw timber is wasted in the milling process that makes most wooden furniture.

The pair began experimenting with a mix of shavings and bio-resin, which foams to produce a lightweight yet strong material. They then used conventionally milled legs to create a chair that combines both a milled object and the waste created by the milling process. Dyes were added to create the pastel colors.

wood shaving chairsWai Ming Ng/Video screen capture

"The porridge-like mixture of resin and shavings was slapped on to the underside of the chair shell by hand, building up the material wherever extra strength was required," writes van Aubel on her site. The resulting piece is called the "Well Proven Chair."

Watch how the the chairs are made in this video created by Wai Ming Ng:

Van Aubel says they will subject the chairs to a Life Cycle Analysis to fully understand the environmental impacts of this process.