Biodegradable Plastic Basket, by Coza Brazil


Brazilian home accessories brand Coza, specialized in 'cool' plastic designs, has launched its first 100% biodegradable plastic product. The baskets from the picture belong to the Coza Organic line and are produced with bioplastic: a commodity from potato starch which, according to the brand, decomposes completely after 18 weeks in contact with land.

The baskets come in three colors (green, blue and white) and three sizes, with or without cover. They can be found online at the Loja Coza (retail only in Brazil, contact them for bulk requests) and in several stores around the country, including the Museum of Modern Art's design store at Rio de Janeiro (Novo Desenho). Price online starts at 15 Reais (about 8 US dollars). Read more about the company in the extended.

Via Coza MagazineCoza has been carrying some efforts to become greener over the last years. In 2006, it launched Bios, a line of products made from a mixture of polypropylene with lignin, a chemical substance found in plants' cells to produce wood.

Good steps for a company that produces a vast amount of plastic: 14 million pieces of polypropylene a year. Hopefully they turn to bioplastic for all those over the next years. ::Coza

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